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Silver in the World Finals Makes it 15!

...15 International Chocolate Awards that is! 

Each year I send in my favorite Chocotenango chocolates to the International Chocolate Awards competition in my quest for an elusive gold win. First, my chocolates are judged with others in the Americas region. Any winning entries are then entered into the World Finals, in Florence, Italy. 

This year, I had 4 chocolates deemed worthy of the world finals competition. I sent them off and waited, sometimes patiently, sometimes not so patiently. I had won a bronze before, but have my eye on gold. And this year, I got one step closer - I won a silver for my Wild Bolivian 85% dark chocolate. 

I am so thankful this Thanksgiving week to be in the esteemed company of so many amazing, world class chocolatiers. And I am so thankful to you, my customers and friends for tasting my creations, giving me helpful feedback, and keeping me company along this incredible chocolate journey. 

You can find a list of all the award winners here.

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