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Bean to Bar Chocolate Handcrafted in Washington DC

It’s easy to forget that chocolate is much more than just a bar of happiness. It looks simple making it out of the bean, but techniques and ingredient combinations for preparing chocolate are endless. We like our chocolate to be unique; something that your taste buds haven’t had before. For this, we use both quality material and quality handcrafting.

It’s surprising how different two chocolate bars can taste. There are many ways to prepare chocolate, which is why Chocotenango offers a variety of flavors. We have three particular products we want to talk you about: Happy Medium, El Puro, and Arabian Nights. You may know them from their purple, blue, and green packages, respectively.

They share their organic Caribbean origin, but each bar has a different story to taste.

Happy Medium is a milk chocolate, with 54% cacao. It means that 54% of the bar is made from cocoa. Non-fat dry milk composes the rest along with some organic sugar.

After our process, there are 53g of rich and creamy milk chocolate. The Happy Medium is light, yet tasteful; it creates a soft milky sensation in your mouth. It’s so exceptional that it became an International Chocolate Awards (ICA) winner.

El Puro is a dark chocolate bar with a 73% cacao base, made from organic beans, sugar, and cocoa butter. It’s unique in many ways – its smoothness, texture, and concentrated flavor to start with. It has a deeper cacao taste than milk chocolate; the El Puro delivers the very essence of the bean, and it’s also an ICA winner.

Last but not least, Arabian Nights is also a 73% dark chocolate bar, but rich and intriguing in its own form. Its taste is surprisingly delightful. This is in part thanks to cardamom – an aromatic, bold, and unique taste. It blends in perfectly with chocolate, as it’s also a traditional sweetener. The bar is tasteful and sweet enough to brighten your night.

We aim to provide you with a variety of ways of enjoying chocolate, and the distinctness of our bars is part of who we are. If you’ve tried our chocolate, share your experience with us and other chocolate-lovers on our social media channels!

Have a sweet week!


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